Thursday, August 9, 2018

                             ANTONIA PARIS NILAYA
“God gave us eyes to see the beauty in Nature and heart to see the beauty in each other”. 
We the new community of Antonia Paris Nilaya was formed on 3rd of June 2018. As we are called to live in this new family we dedicated a day for recollection and prayer centering the theme of community life. As we acknowledge the uniqueness of each other, we are grateful to God for the life and the call that we have received as a Claretian and the multi talents that we each of us have.
Antonia Paris Nilaya is a formation house for the postulants together with some concrete apostolic activities. Srs. Jacquline, Saranya and Dayola are collaborating with the TOR Fathers in the education Ministry by teaching the Gospel and moral values to the Children. Also we are providing tuition for the school children as well as visiting the families of our school children, parishners and involve in other ministry. 
As one family we experience and share the love and support of each sister as we build community in unity.

                                                        Antonia Paris Nilaya

Srs:Pravina,Antonia ,Anita ,Saranya,Jacquline,Dayola

With joy we would like to share our experience of service in St. Francis School. “A good teacher teaches not from the book but from the heart” these words are true when we love the children and when we enjoy the service of teaching.  Being a teacher means a lot to the children and to each individual. Experience of teaching teaches us a lot especially what it means to be a teacher. As well as it is a both way of learning, children learn from us and we learn from them.

Teaching is like a performing art”. It is not the amount of reading books or training will prepare us to be a good teacher but only the practice makes us better teachers. For us it is the first time to be implanted in the service of teaching, and what a joy we experience when the children learn something new that was unknown to them, not only the teachers but also the joy within the children are high extreme. We really love the children especially their innocent behavior which inspires us to be a good teachers. Their way of speaking and approaching the teachers are really interesting, their openness to express their feelings even it may be success or failure.

Teaching is a challenge, because the future of each child is in the hands of the teachers.It is the teacher who can make tomorrow’s leaders. It is our task to encourage and appreciate their talents, understand the needs and the background of the children which are the tools to help the children to succeed in their way of learning and to be brightest stars in the future.

ABJ Abdul Kalam says, “A teacher’s life lights many lamps”. We are privileged that we have given this opportunity to light many lamps in our society. Keep us in your prayers that we may be ignited by the light of Christ to enkindle the little lamps that are in our care.
                                                                                        Jacquline, Saranya and Dayola
                                            God bless you!                              Antonia Paris Nilaya                               

Friday, August 3, 2018

Koswatta community

The community at Koswatta Colombo
“Community means group of people living together in one place, working together, sharing together and praying together for the good of others,”  just like first community of Christians lived. 
 New community members took over the responsibilities on June 13th at Koswatta Colombo community.  We form ourselves as a new community to be opened to the new reality to work together as one.  We all happily move with our daily tasks as we give our contribution to each other. 
To mark our beginning, we had our first monthly recollection on the 27th and it was a meaningful day for us being together in prayer and community sharing. The recollection was guided by Sr. Thushari.  She talked about the talents for living in community and it was an enriching talk for us to put all our talents for the service of God to follow his path and to do His will.
After that, on July 2nd and 3rd we spared time to make the community project and we plan for the coming six months. All participated in the meeting and collaborated for the good of the community.  Led by the Holy Spirit, each one shared from what each has.  
So we pray and wish in the near future we can expect more growth and benefit from our community as the first Christian community. We Thank God for all the good things he has done to us to work together as one family with one heart with mutual support of one another.
Thank you.


The love of Christ has gathered us together.
ratitude is the attitude of heart! I am grateful to the Almighty God for calling me to this congregation and giving me the opportunity to have such wonderful experience. Indeed I am also glad to express my gratitude to the congregation for providing me such opportunity to encounter the event and deepen the experience of the Spirit of our founder as well as deepen the knowledge of the congregation and the Claretion Family.
The Claretian family gathering has enlarged my knowledge of the Claretian family. It was the golden opportunity for me to part take in this gathering. I was surprised to have such a rich experience. As I participated in this gathering along with my community members, I was deeply moved and enriched by the experience being with the Claretian Family. It was the very first time for me to gathered three congregations as family.

There was a Quiz completion; it was all about the three congregations CMF, MC and RMI. This helped us and me to know about each other in a better way.
I am delightful for the Missionary sisters of Anthony Mary Claret for introducing their congregation and that made me to know their congregation as well as the identity. I was amazed and glad to know them.
There were three congregations but from different countries as follows: - China. Africa, Kenya, Philippines, Indonesia, Srilanka and India. It was really the intercultural gathering. I could experience deep down in my heart the Spirit of unity in the diversity.
On 17th July 2018 in the morning we had Eucharistic celebration presided by the Apostolic Nuncio of Sri Lanka Archbishop Pierre Nguyen Van Tot. In his sermon he delivered the message on interculturality, by the various means and the examples. It was the great insights for each one of us, and same time encouraged us to move forward with the same motive of our founder St Antony Mary claret, who worked day and night to save the Church by saving the souls without any discrimination.
We also had the talk on intercultural communication by Bro. Rod Thomson. It made us to understand the meaning of Mission. Being in the community itself is the Mission.
This session helped us to personalize the value of each one in the community. To be in the community is always Challenge but it is possible.
There are new insights which will help us to build True international communities:
v  Everyone should self-monitor and understand that disruptive behavior in community needs to be challenged.
v  The conventions of any and every culture are not above appropriate criticism, and no culture models the Gospel call to discipleship in a perfect way. It is not that easy but desirable. God desire it.
v  If one culture is not to dominate, everyone is called to conversion, and it requires hard work, compromise, real dialogue, and a clear and common vision. Intercultural living is a revolution and future of international Religious life.
v   If not, they will not survive. A true international community, built over a period of time , needs mechanisms to facilitate community building, faith sharing, time when a safe space is structured so that vulnerabilities and fears can be shared, with strategic planning, sharing leisure and socializing.
The mystery of the incarnation is a process of inculturation. God became man in Jesus who was incarnated in a Culture. In order to enrich all, He gradually opened Him self to other culture, thus creating a path of inculturation and acceptance of all culture. The first communicaties of the Church continued this task of inculturation of the Christian message. Dialogue with culture belongs to the deepest mission of the Church and of our congregation.
As a result of inculturation throughout history, The Religious Congregations have become multicultural. But it is not enough to accept the diversity of culture within our communities: it must be lived as an opportunity for rich exchange between cultures, thus contributing to greater social justice, fraternity, and peace on Earth.
Interculturality calls us to practice an OPENENSS in everything we live and situates us in the reality in a new way. Today we have the opportunity to live this even in our county as well as in the community. This opportunity provides us an open mind to know and learn from other cultures, while being able to critique one’s own from the perspective of the Gospel.
Interculturality will lead us to revise from the perspective of openness to diversity our practices in Religious life.  

                                                                                                            Rahil Kandulna RMI                                                       

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Mysore CRI

 In Mysore around 350 Religious Priests and sisters from many different congregations who are in and around Mysore city participated for a seminar on "Indian Political scenario today and our response".  Sisters from Nirmala nivas and Antonia Paris nilaya participated in good number. This was Organized by the Mysore CRI unit (Conference of Religious India). Prof. Babu Mathew was the speaker of the day, he is a well known senior profession of Bangalore Law College. This session was very informative, our rights and responsibilities. we live in a nation where the constitution is under threat, and where every media is controlled and used in favor of very few people of the country. Present politics has a great hidden agenda which is slowly coming to the light to make India a " Hindutwa" and "monopoly capitalistic" country. he opened our eyes to understand the tricks and games played by the politics, and it is our duty to be united and mobilize people before the poor and marginalized still thrown out to the corner of our society. He also brought forth few suggestions for our religious congregations to franchise and contribute to educate the poor etc.

New Mission at Tamil Nadu

South Asian delegation had opened a new residence at Erachkulam, southern part of Tamilnadu, the (low tip of India) in the diocese of Kottar. we had been preparing for this mission since few months. on 27-29th June, Sr. Rani had immediate preparation for the sisters (Shanthi V and Mesra Silva) who are going to be there, and on 29th evening we had special para-liturgical prayer with both community of Nirmala nivas and Antonia Paris nilaya, for the same. on 1st July we had mission sending Eucharist celebrated by Fr. Bhyju CM. on the same day we traveled for the mission.

On July 2nd Srs. Rani Michael, ShanthiV and Mesra silva arrived Erachkulam. Fr. David Cmf and Fr. Anselmus Cmf received us with warm heart. Presently we would be collaborating in the Pastoral ministry of the Parish. Latter we would be collaborating with the Cmf of Chennai province in the education ministry (yet to establish)
During the initial months we are residing in Amaidiagam (An Ashram of the Claretian fathers)which is a kilometer away from the parish. On 3rd July the feast of St. Thomas, Apostle of India we had simple inagural Mass at Amaidiagam (Ashram) Oratory.  Fr. John kennedy, Provincial econome,
the Amaidhiagam community, Fr. perpetual, the Parish priest and Fr. Saju, the Assistent parish priest were there. we prayed for the blessings of God for the beginning of our mission here. it was a moment of joy and hope. On 9th of July we met the Bishop of Kottar, Rt.Rev.Dr. Nazarene Susai. He was very coordial and grateful for our willingness and acceptance. On the same day we signed the contract document with the diocese. immediately we have began our dialogues with the parish priest and the parish community to initiate our mission. it is a newly established parish with 80 catholic families, there is lot evangelization work of animation and building up of faith in the community. the people joyfully welcomed us with open arms. Claretian fathers community is big formative support for us, and they are very generous to help us in every way. Thanks a lot for your prayerful support. May our founders help us to be faithful to our charism.

Friday, May 4, 2018


We, the South Asian Delegation organized two days of refreshment course on New Wine for New Wineskins“A Psycho Socio-Spiritual Approach to the Religious Life in the Current Scenario” for the perpetually professed sisters, given by Fr.John Peter MSC.As part of the seminar, on the first day we dealt on theology of religious life and challenges of the consecrated life today. According to Pope Francis we the religious have to wake up the world and be real witnesses to the world by being different in our acts and deeds. It also helped us to deepen our knowledge about the consecrated life and respond differently and to take up the new challenges that come on our way. In a long term it would allow oneself to be dynamic and person of experience which is a part of growth and transformation. The day was concluded with few reflective questions to be discussed in the groups and with the quote of Pope John Paul II ‘I have looked for you, now you came to me, I thank you’.

                                                                                                                   Shanthi Vedamuthu