Saturday, April 6, 2019


It was a memorable day for us, being a unique able to integrate ourselves together in today’s performance. Our participation helped us to be open, collaborate, to take effort and have the spirit of team work. We also expressed our gratitude to God and identifying ourselves as a Claretian.

Thursday, April 4, 2019


This was organized for the first time in our delegation.We all participated actively and joyfully.This helped us to review and discover the richness of this ministry.We want to contribute actively with our life and mission to the RENEWAL OF THE CHURCH and continuously  commit ourselves in  creating space and times to work with the youth through our accompaniment.



Tuesday, March 26, 2019


On the feast of annunciation we began our meeting with the prayer by reading the gospel passage of the day, which led each one to be touched with the moments of the spirit.The objective is "to strengthen our mission as animators within the Congregation being faithful to  our Charism.
Fr.Arackal CMF ,Provincial  of Bangalore remarked the day efficiently with Life Skills, the ways to  communicate and respond with inner dispositions, spirit of service and the ability to discern would  bring changes in the journey of life.

Participants: Sr.Rani Michael,Thushari Wettesinghe,Geraldine Eusabius,Jegajothi Durairaj,Shanthi Vedamudhu,Elizabeth Pravina Soosai and Shophia Kaspar.
Place:Antonia Paris Nilaya,Naguvanahalli,India
Date:25th to 28th March 2019

Continue to support us through your prayers.

                                                                                                                     Elizabeth Pravina S

Thursday, March 21, 2019


St. Francis School Annual day  - 2019 

“Education is all a matter of building bridges” says Ralph Ellison. It is a great joy to share the event of the annual day of St. Francis School which is run by TOR Fathers and where we work together in the shared mission for the education of the Children in all the angles of their life. The annual day of our school was apprehended on 21st of Jan 2019, it was the one of the most anxiously awaited occasion of our school. Lot of efforts, hard work and practices were taken by the principal, all the staffs and the children beforehand. Great excitement and hurried activities were visible all around

The chief guest of the occasion was His Excellency Most. Rev. Dr. Antony Kariyil the Bishop of Mandya, Rev. Fr. Augustine Kulapuram TOR, the Provincial of Bangalore Province. And some other dignitaries, Priests, sisters and large number of Parents, Friends and well-wishers of the institute. 100% of the students cheerfully participated in the event. It was the greatest event for all the children to be appeared in the stage and bring out their talents and abilities through different Performances.

The great enthusiasm, eagerness, Zeal and the excitement of the children were indescribable. They were boosted by the teachers and the preparation and the effort made them well prepared. Really it was the Colourful and lively day in the calendar of each child in our school; we are really proud of their progress and process.

We may know that each school has a Library; it is the understanding of all the adults, but in the knowledge of the Children each school is a Library which has verity of books, the books with whom they can really communicate, share and laugh. We are so glad to be one of those books; the books are none other than the teachers. The teachers help the children to grow in spiritual, intellectual, physical, emotional so on……… 
We are so grateful to God for all his bountiful blessings and the graces that have been showered upon to the institution, to all the teachers and the students. 

A Good teacher teaches from the heart………….  

                                           God Bless…….!!!

                                Srs.Jacquline & Saranya
                                                                                 Antonia Paris Nilaya  

Friday, December 7, 2018


We have been invited by the Bishop of Kottar and by the Claretian Missionaries (Cmf) to serve in this Diocese, so then we saw a large opportunity in the ministry of evangelisation and consolidation of the faith of the people, we agreed and taken further steps. Thus we selected Erachakulam Mission parish as our mission station.The total population of the town is around 4000 families, belonging to different religions and social class. Among this there are aroung 100 catholic families, the rest are belonging to other christian denominations, hindus and muslims. Most of the catholic people are migrated here in recent years.

The majority of the population is involved in agricultural works, animal husbandry and construction works. Some are trained skilled employees and some are away in the Middle East as laborers. The education and literacy rate is slowing picking up, there are some educational institutions around this area.
In this mission we work in collaboration in all the pastoral activity of the parish and in the Amadiagam Ashram (Claretian fathers’ community). For past 5 months we lived in the Claretian fathers’ community, it was a very good enriching experience, and we are grateful to them. And now the parish priest and the Parishners have offered us generously a residence to do the mission. In these past months, we have slowly got ourselves involved in the faith formation and all activities of the parish, it is real joy to be closer to the people’s lives. In the coming year we will also be working in collaboration with Cmf in educational ministry.

Continue to support us with your prayers.
Address of Erachakulam residence is:
Claretian Sisters,
Erachakulam, Kanyakumari district, Tamilnadu 629902, India.


Monday, November 26, 2018

Children's day

“What is life without children like a world without sun, stars and moon.
They spread joy and happiness in every season”

 In general celebration stands for joy, and that is very true in every celebration 

as we experience it. We had a joyful celebration of children’s day at St. Francis 

School. Basically children are very happier and they make the others happy by 

their very presence and fun. We witnessed it at our school as we celebrated the 

children’s day with our lovely and cute children. They were all delightful in 

sharing their day of celebration with one another. This marked a great step in 

our service of education, as we realized the need for value education with fun 

and frolic. We had a number of activities that marked the day very special. 

Among them the fancy dress competition and dance competition stood brighter.
In the fancy dress competition the children took part very happily showing forth their lovely and angelic outfit. It was like stars in the sky, shining bright and light. They had wonderfully dressed themselves that we were at awe and wonder looking at their outfit and their style. A few even had unique style in their walk that mesmerised the audience. The radiant joy that shone in their face was pervading the hearts of their parents and teachers who were standing and watching their children walk all along the stage with pride.
Secondly dance competition rocked the day. The moves with their hip and the jump with their toes earned huge thunderous applause from the audience. Indeed it was a heart-delighting performance by the children. Every one of them, who had danced, had magically attracted the audience that most of them were watching the dance without even blinking their eyes. The dance was so amazing that even those who were not interested started enjoying looking at the hip hop steps of the children. The children had kept up their spirit of being joyful to the brim that it was overflowing with smile and happiness.
On the whole the programme was enriching and enlivening to both the children and the teacher-parents. As said in the beginning the children spread the aroma of joy and happiness around the school campus with their blissful and wholistic performances. We have a lot to learn from them in this regard. Let us grow together. Let be children for children’s sake.


Thursday, November 1, 2018


Educational Exposure for O/L students from Karukupane

The exposure organised was timely as the students prepare themselves to sit for the O/L exams in the month of December 2018. The students went to Jaffna on 24th and 25th of October 2018. As the students approach exams the tension mounts and most of them without dealing with stress find a mechanism to escape. There were 18 students from both Karukupane Tamil and Sinhala schools.
Objective Observe, understand and learn the various skills needed to face the exams, Stress and anxiety management and the coping mechanism,Enhance the knowledge, skills and techniques needed in answering the exam papers , Learn new skills to support the efforts from the students who potentially would score the best results in Jaffna, Create an atmosphere in order to cultivate future programmes and reconciliation.

The program was designed in resonance with the objectives of the visit. During the 2day program, the participants have visited various historical places that they have studied about in their history lessons and the schools that are known for their excellence. The students also interacted with the students who would secure the best results in their respective schools and in the district. The first day the students were given an hour of talk on motivation and goal and value-oriented life by Fr. Dilan Perera a Jesuit. The rest of the day was spent on visiting the historical places students were amazed to find the historical evidence of the Fort in Jaffna the history of which spans a few centuries[1] and the Nalur temple. Before the students retired for the night evaluation for the day was organised in order to enhance the lessons learnt and to answer their queries. The second day was very significant, and all the students looked forward to it. It was organised that the female students would visit Holy Family Convent, Jaffna and the male students would visit St. Patrick’s College, Jaffna. Both the schools are well known for their excellence and performance in education in Jaffna district. The students were welcomed warmly and were introduced to objective of the day. The students followed different methods to get themselves engaged in learning from their colleagues how their counterparts in Jaffna learn and study efficiently thus preparing for the exam. They were impressed how the students are prepared to face the exam with confidence presuming that they would get the questions that they have prepared. The second half of the first session was to place the students in small groups in order to make the interaction lively.  Mr. Stanislaus who had been in teaching career for 32 years insisted that their study methodology should give them self-confidence to face the exam. He also insisted to invoke the blessing of the Lord before any activity that the students get engaged in especially the exams. They students were introduced to various techniques to write the exam expecting the results The students at the end of the programme felt amazing about the exposure they had and felt good about having invested time and energy. All the students expressed that it’s their first visit to Jaffna and meeting with the students have deconstructed the prejudice that they had. They also felt they were treated well by the students and these exposures could be of some help in building relationships across ethnicity. They also expressed the fear they had with regard to Tamil – Sinhala divide but at the end of the programme they genuinely spelled out that there was no language or ethnic difference expressed. Apart from the objectives of the exposure they students also articulated that these programmes or similar programmes can foster ethnic harmony and reconciliation.
Kottapitiya Community