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The Mission and Community experience in India

The Mission and Community experience in India
       “The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly without fear for newer and richer experience.” 
Soon after my profession I was asked by the Delegation to have mission and community experience in India for six months. As a member of the community of Antonia Paris Nilaya and did volunteer service in St. Francis school.
 On 2nd of June I inserted myself in the community and in the school. It was a pleasant time for me to be in India as a religious to serve in the vineyard of God.
When I was novice I heard and the XVII General Chapter document also says; “The whole World is homeland to the Missionary of Christ.” At present I am experiencing it. Actually to have an experience as a missionary is beautiful but challenging. This was the first time to adapt a new culture in another country. This made me to sense the spirit of a missionary.
“A Teacher who plant a seed of the future in the heart of each students” I am almost finishing my period of time in the school. I would like to share my experience. It is a grace filled time, to be with the children in the school as a teacher, I consider teaching is not a work, it is a service I render to the children to become a better person in the society and in the world. In the beginning I felt little difficult to communicate and handle the children, because of the language but I enjoyed being with them listening to their innocent way of talking and playful attitude; really it gave me lot of happiness. “In learning you will teach, and in teaching you will learn.”  The service of teaching demands mutual learning like give and take policy.  Certainly it is a wonderful experience; I am having at present the first and the best.
Our constitution says; “Let us live fraternally with everyone though they be of different opinions, languages and origins. We should strive to adapt ourselves to the customs of the country where we live.”  As I inserted myself in the community where I live, I felt this is my own home; all those who are living with me are my own sisters. That made me to accept the culture, language, place and the persons. The community has given me the good support to do my ministry. I am experiencing the attitudes of the community - loving, caring, helping, sharing, accepting and adjusting and joyfulness at present. My heartfelt thanks to all my community members.     
I thank God for this wonderful experience that He has given me and I express my gratitude  to the Delegation Superior and the Council members for giving me this great chance to involve in the Missionary Apostolic and community experience. I assure; it will help me to do the ministries in the coming days.
Thank you
Sr. J.F.L. Dayola RMI
Antonia Paris Nilaya



“Here we come to you for you are the Lord our God” (Jer: 3:22)
The vocation camp was organized by the community of Casa Antonia Paris in Kottapittiya. The camp was held on 20th and 21st of August 2018. There were 12 participants from our parish. The encounter was a good experience for us, to be with them. It was a beautiful chance to get together as a family and to know each other. The participants had prayers, mass, talks, vocational sharing by our sisters and we the novices had a great opportunity to share our vocational journey and to enrich our experience to them. There were also some activities to know about our congregation and the reality of our mission which will help them to discern their call. It was a wonderful time for all of them. They enjoyed and participated very enthusiastically in all the activities. It was good experience for all of us to share our love as well as to carry out our Claretian spirit to everyone.
Novices from Kottapitiya-Srilanka  

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Our community is formed by 5 sisters namely Sr.Shophia.k, Sr.Rani Michael, Sr.Paul Arogya Janitha, Sr.Ann Priyathashini and Sr.Paul Romeshi Logu along with 5 aspirants from Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh.
Sr.Sophia is the incharge of aspirants and Sr.Rani Michael is the delegation superior and the vicar of the community and also collaborates in the community schedules. We do involve in the parish ministry and we run the tuition for poor and slum children from Kurimandi area and nearby. And we too give nutritious food in the evening.we do conduct family prayers in the Christian families of our parish and also partake in family visits in our neighbouring area specially visiting the tuition children and the Christian houses.And the sisters in the house are pursuing their degree courses and are in formation programme.

                       ASPIRANTS WITH SR.SOPHIA






Thursday, August 9, 2018

                             ANTONIA PARIS NILAYA
“God gave us eyes to see the beauty in Nature and heart to see the beauty in each other”. 
We the new community of Antonia Paris Nilaya was formed on 3rd of June 2018. As we are called to live in this new family we dedicated a day for recollection and prayer centering the theme of community life. As we acknowledge the uniqueness of each other, we are grateful to God for the life and the call that we have received as a Claretian and the multi talents that we each of us have.
Antonia Paris Nilaya is a formation house for the postulants together with some concrete apostolic activities. Srs. Jacquline, Saranya and Dayola are collaborating with the TOR Fathers in the education Ministry by teaching the Gospel and moral values to the Children. Also we are providing tuition for the school children as well as visiting the families of our school children, parishners and involve in other ministry. 
As one family we experience and share the love and support of each sister as we build community in unity.

                                                        Antonia Paris Nilaya

Srs:Pravina,Antonia ,Anita ,Saranya,Jacquline,Dayola

With joy we would like to share our experience of service in St. Francis School. “A good teacher teaches not from the book but from the heart” these words are true when we love the children and when we enjoy the service of teaching.  Being a teacher means a lot to the children and to each individual. Experience of teaching teaches us a lot especially what it means to be a teacher. As well as it is a both way of learning, children learn from us and we learn from them.

Teaching is like a performing art”. It is not the amount of reading books or training will prepare us to be a good teacher but only the practice makes us better teachers. For us it is the first time to be implanted in the service of teaching, and what a joy we experience when the children learn something new that was unknown to them, not only the teachers but also the joy within the children are high extreme. We really love the children especially their innocent behavior which inspires us to be a good teachers. Their way of speaking and approaching the teachers are really interesting, their openness to express their feelings even it may be success or failure.

Teaching is a challenge, because the future of each child is in the hands of the teachers.It is the teacher who can make tomorrow’s leaders. It is our task to encourage and appreciate their talents, understand the needs and the background of the children which are the tools to help the children to succeed in their way of learning and to be brightest stars in the future.

ABJ Abdul Kalam says, “A teacher’s life lights many lamps”. We are privileged that we have given this opportunity to light many lamps in our society. Keep us in your prayers that we may be ignited by the light of Christ to enkindle the little lamps that are in our care.
                                                                                        Jacquline, Saranya and Dayola
                                            God bless you!                              Antonia Paris Nilaya